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Monthly Message from Temple President Sandy Shapiro

This month we celebrate the American holiday of July 4th, commemorating the formal adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress of the 13 colonies. Of course, as we know, American independence did not miraculously happen that day, it still had to be fought for and won. We at Temple Judea are a similar point in our “fight” against Covid-19. We are going to begin to assert more “independence” in our protocols for in-person attendance at services and also begin some in-person programming.

Our goal throughout the pandemic has been to do all we can to keep our congregants safe and healthy. To that end we cautiously resumed in-person Shabbat and Yom Tov morning services. Unfortunately, there were times when there was a spike in disease and we had to revert back to online only services. We are now ready to move forward to a more “normal” Temple life by making the following changes:

• We will now have all aliyot done on the Bimah at the Torah. We know how important the Torah service is and how meaningful it is to be at the Torah, so we are resuming a more normal and personal Torah service.

• We will allow walk-in attendance. Our policy remains unchanged in that we will still require proof of vaccination to attend in person. If you have already provided proof of vaccination to the Temple office, you are all set. If you have not, you must present your vaccination record card to the usher at the door before you may attend. It would be helpful to know in advance if you plan to stay for lunch following services.

• We look forward to the Sisterhood and Men’s Club resuming their programming. Attendance at their meetings and events will follow Temple policy on requiring proof of vaccination before admittance.

Like our American independence in 1776, this is a beginning. We hope that as time moves on, we will be able to continue to assert more independence and an even more normal Temple life. We hope we will be able to continue to move forward without any bumps in the road which might require us to pull back. As always, for those who prefer to view our services online, that will still be an option. Friday night services continue online only. In whatever way you decide to join us, you will be most welcome. I look forward to greeting you at the Temple. Happy 4th of July. Celebrate our independence!

Best always,
Sandy Shapiro, President