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Monthly Message from Temple President Sandy Shapiro

Now that it is August, it’s time to begin thinking about the High Holy Days. Even though they are late this year, it is now time to begin planning for them. Our hope and plan for this year’s High Holy Days is to be together in our beautiful Temple for all our services. (The services will also be available online.) Our clergy have begun planning spiritual and inspiring services for all of us.

It is not too early for you to plan for the High Holy Days also. You will have the option of attending services in person, online or a combination of both. For those attending in person in order to reserve your seat, you must first pay/renew your membership dues. When you send back your membership form you may indicate if you wish to keep the same reserved seat you previously had or relocate to a different seat. Your High Holy Day seat is a benefit of your membership. The earlier you pay your dues, the greater the chance your request can be fulfilled. Sima and Loretta work very hard on the seating and it is helpful to be able do this well in advance of the holidays. I, and they, thank you for your consideration. You can also purchase tickets for guests.

While speaking of dues, we look forward to your renewal. If you have already renewed, thank you. Temple Judea’s dues have remained the same for years and continue to be a bargain for a full service synagogue with clergy and a building. Like any synagogue we rely on our members for their generosity to help us meet all our expenses, which, like your own personal ones, keep increasing. Your contributions help us keep from raising our dues. If you are able, please consider helping by becoming a Benefactor or a Patron of the Temple. A Benefactor gift is an additional $100 per member and a Patron is an additional $200 per member above your dues. These options are available on your membership dues renewal form. If you have already paid your dues and now decide to become a Benefactor or Patron all you have to do is contact the office or send in a check indicating your gift. I hope I can count on you to help our Temple thrive by giving this additional contribution.

When planning for the High Holy Days I think how nice it will be to see you. I think about sharing this spiritual time together in our sanctuary. But I don’t want to rush the end of summer, so I hope you will enjoy the rest of your summer even as you begin to realize that the High Holy Days are getting closer. I look forward to seeing you and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Best always,
Sandy Shapiro, President