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Monthly Message from Temple President

For some Jews, the last day of Passover represents the start of a vacation from participation in organized religious activities until the High Holy Days in Autumn. This need not be the case for the members and friends of Temple Judea.

In June we will observe Shavuos, the Festival of Weeks. This two-day holiday is specifically identified in The Torah. Its name derives from the fact the it occurs exactly seven weeks from the second day of Passover.

In biblical times, Shavuos represented the start of the wheat harvest which continued throughout the Summer. In the Rabbinic Period, about 70-500 AD, a second explanation for the observance of Shavuos was added: the holiday celebrated the day when the Jews of the Egyptian exodus received The Ten Commandments from G-d at Mount Sinai.

On the first day of Shavuos, Wednesday June 12th 2024 we will have a special holiday brunch immediately following 10 AM services. This is an annual event at Temple Judea and Rebbetzen Sima goes above and beyond to make this memorable.

On the second day of Shavuos, Thursday June 13th the Yizkor memorial prayer is included in the 10 AM services.

Throughout the Summer, and indeed all year long, we have wonderful Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbos services. Friday night is virtual via Zoom and Saturday is in-person in our beautiful sanctuary. I encourage you to join us. The spiritual and social benefits are unmatched.

Happy Summer!


Arnold Miller, President