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Monthly Message from Temple President Sandy Shapiro

This is our season of giving thanks. I thank you for the privilege of serving as your president. It has given me the opportunity to meet more of you and to reach out to you. In particular, I thank you for your support of me and your support of our Temple Judea.

You have been asked to support the Temple in a variety of ways. One way you help the Temple all year long is by making tribute gifts in honor of a person or occasion or in memory of someone or to wish another a get well or to just say thank you. You can also dedicate a machzor for any of these same reasons. And, of course, you can just make a donation to any of our Temple funds at any time.

There are also yearly giving opportunities. When dues renewals went out, you were asked to consider becoming a benefactor ($100) or a patron ($200) in addition to your dues. Before the High Holidays and Pesach you can donate to memorialize loved ones in our Yizkor booklet. And, of course, each Yom Kippur we make our annual appeal for your financial support, which is our major fundraiser.

There are still other ways you can help. You can honor someone or a special occasion by dedicating a leaf on the Tree of Life in our lobby. You can remember a loved one with a memorial plaque on one of our Memorial Walls. You can also dedicate a seat in the sanctuary to honor or memorialize someone. Though this is something we often don’t want to think about, you can leave a bequest for the Temple for after your passing. There is also an opportunity to name a part of the Temple with a very significant gift ($5,000-$75,000). If this interests you, please contact Rabbi Linson for more information.

I thank you for all the different ways you financially support our Temple. I thank you for your recent contributions to our Yom Kippur Appeal. If you have not given, it is not too late. Any time is a good time to help our Temple. Thank you for all you have done and thank you for what you give in the future. At this season of Thanksgiving I am grateful to and for each one of you and for being part of my Temple Judea family. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

With warm wishes,

Sandy Shapiro, President


P.S. I have been asked why I have said that this is my last year as your president. It is because our Temple president is term limited to four years which I will complete this year. Again I thank you for the privilege and honor of having served as your president.