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Monthly Message from Temple President

Daughter: Dad, what did you get mom for Valentine’s day? Dad: She told me not to get her anything. So, I didn’t. Daughter: Gee, I hope my future step dad is smarter than you.


Son: Dad, what did you get mom for Valentine’s Day?
Dad: Nothing. She always has a gift when she married me.
Son: Gee I didn’t think you were suppose to give gag gifts for Valentine’s Day

February is indeed the month of love.

Temple Judea has two services each Shabbat – Friday night at 7:30 PM and Saturday morning at 10:00 AM.

The Friday night service is a virtual service using Zoom. We email a link to each congregant and simply by clicking on the link using their home computer, or smartphone, participants are securely connected to the virtual service and enabled to view and listen to the proceedings. There are also opportunities during the service to actively participate and be seen and heard by the other attendees.

Saturday morning services are the traditional in- person type and take place in our beautiful Temple Judea sanctuary. (For convenience, there is also the opportunity to live-stream the service and virtually attend via zoom.) In-person services are followed by delicious luncheons that provide attendees the opportunity to socialize and interact.

In order to best get to know and enjoy your fellow members of the Temple Judea Family, there is no substitute to attending services in person. As such, I suggest that each of you make a serious effort to attend one Saturday morning service each month and join “The Regulars.”

With love,

Arnold Miller, President