Membership : : Outreach Liaison

by Ro Probolsky & Frank Spector

We have been reaching out to those in need of healing, strength and recovery. We like to hear your voices and we hope that we are a welcome interruption in your day. We thank Frank Spector for volunteering to help us in this important on-going project.

We are uplifted to see you in-person or virtually at our Shabbat and holiday services. Stay safe and stay healthy. Mazal tov to you who have been vaccinated with the bi-valent booster. It’s time for another booster.

Please call the Temple office with information: name and phone number of the person to be contacted and please give us your name as well. We feel that this is our spiritual home and the spiritual health of all our members matters to us. We welcome your help. Please let us know if you would volunteer to help with phone calls.


Ro Probolsky & Frank Spector