Religious : : Religious Committee Report

We would like to thank all those who participated in our Adopt-a-Torah program. Many of you responded so positively and quickly to our efforts enabling us to repair our Torahs so they are kosher and available for our use. We are overwhelmed by your generosity and dedication to Temple Judea.

We learned how important and precious our Torahs are to all of us. We now have Torahs that not only can we use but will be here for generations to come. You have proven that Torah is our foundation in Judaism. Thank you again to those who contributed. It is not too late to join them. We also have a new fund, The Torah Maintenance Fund, to which we can all donate to help us keep our Torahs in good repair. Please consider this fund when making a contribution to Temple Judea.

On a more somber note, the holy day that we will observe this month is Tisha B’Av. It is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. As we know both the first and second Temples were destroyed on this date (9th of Av). Many other tragedies in Jewish history also occurred on this date or so close to Tisha B’Av that they are considered to have happened on that date including expulsions from England, France and Spain. It is observed with a fast and the same restrictions as on Yom Kippur. Our healing service is July 23.

We also are beginning our planning for the High Holidays. You might say “So early?!” Yes, the holidays are early this year with Rosh Hashanah beginning the evening of September 9. Soon you will be receiving our questionnaire asking for your preference of honors. We do our best to give everyone their first choice but it is not always possible so please understand if you get your second or third choice. This process has made distributing the honors a win-win for you and us. We thank you in advance for your help. As always feel free to contact one of us with any questions you may have. Enjoy your summer,

Sandy Shapiro and Arnold Miller, Co-Chairs