Religious : : Religious Committee Report

If you were not at services on Saturday, February 16, you missed something special. Our Shabbat morning service was done totally by our women. Women led the congregation in all our prayers, read Torah, chanted the haftarah, were prayer leader and sermonizer. We even had a woman lift the Torah! The women also used this opportunity to recognize and honor our two female immediate past Co-Presidents, Dolores Cohen and Jean Janowsky. We are proud of all our female participants. What a great morning and moving spiritual time!

Does it seem to you that Purim is really late this year? You are right! Because this year is a leap year in the Hebrew calendar, Purim is not until March 21 on our secular calendar. As you know, in a Hebrew leap year we add a whole extra month making Purim later than usual. Please join us on Thursday, March 21, at 9:30 am as we celebrate Purim by reading Megillat Esther, which honors yet another woman, Queen Esther, who was instrumental in saving our people from annihilation. Of course, we must drown out (with a noisy grogger!) the name of Haman, our enemy, who plotted to kill us all. Come in costume, ready to celebrate our triumph (and also enjoy some schnapps!).

Please join us weekly at our Shabbat services on Friday evenings at 7:30 pm and Saturday mornings at 9:30 am and at our Minyan services on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:00 am. Communal prayer is at the heart of Judaism and is required in order to say certain prayers. By coming you will feel even more connected here at Temple Judea. We look forward to seeing you!

Sandy Shapiro and Arnold Miller, Co-Chairs