Religious : : Religious Committee Report

Who likes Pesach?! So many people dread the holiday. Why? They don’t like all the work involved in getting ready for the holiday. Another reason I often hear is “I don’t like eating matzah, it’s like eating cardboard.” I will tell you that it is my favorite Jewish holiday. I love Pesach.

Okay, so I don’t like all the work getting the kitchen kosher for Passover. I admit it, although I do it because I keep the holiday that way. I don’t eat out. When I go to my children’s I take my own food. I don’t like the extra shopping, but how else am I going to get all my Passover foods?!

But I love the holiday. I love my matzah, butter and jam every day. For eight days I indulge myself. I think the Passo- ver matzah is the best, better than the rest of the year. I could eat it for every meal but I don’t. I make fried matzah or matzah brei (however you call it) and this is the only time of year that I make it. The same goes for matzah meal pan- cakes. I love the Pesach foods.

Best of all I love the Seder. I love the telling of the story and the discussions. I love the meal. I love the singing, most especially. That’s why I love getting to the end of Haggadah, because that’s where all the best and fun songs are. You need to have a group of participants who all join in together. When you have that, it is magical. What a great sense of belonging there is. What a sense of appreciation for our ancestors who left for freedom even though they didn’t know what being free truly meant, nor were they actually capable of being happy and content with this new experience. Yes, we have inherited this freedom and these wonderful traditions. I hope you enjoy your Seders as much as I enjoy mine.

On that note, we hope you will come to the wonderful Seder we have here at Temple Judea on the second night. It is an enlightening and fun experience to share with your Temple family. If you have come in the past you know what we mean. If you haven’t come before, make this year the beginning of a tradition to join the celebration here at Temple. Make your reservations with Sima in the Temple office. We hope to see you there so that we can all be together in our Temple Judea home.

Please join us for Yom Tov services on the first two and last two days of the holiday. Yom Tov services are Saturday, March 31, Sunday, April 1, Friday, April 6 and Saturday, April 7. The Yizkor service is on the eighth day, April 7. All services begin at 9:30 am. If you haven’t already done so, you may also remember your loved ones by putting their names in our Yizkor book with your donation to include them.

We look forward to sharing this joyous remembrance of our liberation from bondage with you at our Temple Judea. We hope to see you at the Seder and at services. I personally hope you will love Pesach just as I do for all the things that are special about it. Chag Pesach Sameach!

Sandy Shapiro and Arnold Miller, Co-Chairs