Religious : : Religious Committee Report

The High Holy Days are almost here. The High Holy Day season begins on the evening of September 16 with the Selichot service, a service said to begin our serious time for introspection. Selichot literally are communal prayers for Divine forgiveness. We say them for the first time at this Saturday night service and then throughout the High Holy Days. Please join us at 7:00pm and begin our yearly High Holy Day reflection.

Rosh Hashanah services are 7:30pm Wednesday, September 20 in the evening and 9:00am September 21 and 22 in the morning. Yom Kippur begins with Kol Nidre at 7:00pm the evening of Friday, September 29 and services the following day 9:00am September 30 both morning and afternoon. We hope that you will be with us here at Temple Judea during this solemn season.

We on the Religious Committee are working very hard and diligently to prepare for all these services and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our goal is to give as many members as possible honors: aliyot, ark openings or English readings. We are planning for Selichot, Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur day.

To accomplish this we mailed a questionnaire to all members of the Temple asking you to respond by indicating what honor you would like to have and when during the holidays you would prefer to have the honor. Thank you to those of you who responded and sent back the form.

As we hoped, it is making our task easier. We are doing our best to honor each request and we have called or will call to confirm the honor given to you. We will also send a reminder postcard indicating the date and time of your honor. We give priority to those who completed and returned the form since we knew of their interest and desire to fulfill one of the honors. In advance, we thank everyone who participates in our High Holy Day services. We hope that you will find each service meaningful, spiritual and inspiring.

We hope you will also join us for holiday meals. On the first day of Rosh Hashanah we will have a Sephardic Rosh Hashanah seder and lunch. On Yom Kippur we will Break the Fast together with a meal at the Temple. Both meals require advance reservation and payment. Please contact the office to do so.

On behalf of the Religious Committee, we wish each one of you a very happy, healthy and fruitful new year. We look forward to seeing you at Temple and sharing all of our holidays and Shabbatot with our Temple family. Do not forget, in October we will continue the holiday season with Sukkot, Shemini Atseret and Simchat Torah. We look forward to observing those with you too.

Shana tova,
Sandy Shapiro and Arnold Miller