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Monthly Message from Men's Club President Marvin Mandel

There will not be a Breakfast Club event in November. We look forward to its return.

STORYTIME – Volume Five (As a reminder, these are true (or semi-true) tales about people you probably know.)

Lady X is one of the most intellectually astute congregants in the fifty five-year history of Temple Judea. A very gifted student, she excelled in all subjects. She was a few generations ahead of her time however because her favorite classes were mathematics and the sciences. Upon graduating from college Lady X followed the career path that was typical of the times – she became a teacher. Untypically, she taught geometry. Her professional career was very short-lived as she soon married a neighborhood guy and focused exclusively on raising her family.

Our heroine did not follow the rules. While the other young mothers sat together on park benches and gossiped or discussed current television shows while watching their toddlers play, Lady X sat by herself with a thermos of hot coffee and the Wall Street Journal. Introduced to investing by her father, she thrived on evaluating the numbers. As a fundamentals analyst, she studied profit margins and earnings growth. She was very good and enlarged the family’s monthly savings many fold.

In addition to being a valuable source of financial data, the Wall Street Journal introduced Lady X to Orange County, California and Leisure World. Raised in a Good Jewish Home that emphasized traditional values, immediately upon moving in, Lady X joined Temple Judea, became active in Jewish organizations and continued her philanthropy. By the way, she is still an active investor.

Arnold Miller for Marvin Mandel, President