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Monthly Message from Men's Clube President Marvin Mandel

The Highest of Times

The much-anticipated December 5th Men’s Club/ Sisterhood breakfast exceeded expectations!

In the morning, it rained, rained and rained some more. That did not deter people from coming to Temple Judea to listen to Nomi Gerber, the owner of “The Highest Care,” discuss the how’s and why’s of medical marijuana. Attendance was much larger than anticipated and included many non-Temple Judea members. Nomi’s presentation was informative and the audience was most enthusiastic.

We learned that cannabis has 463 components, of which CBD and THC are two of the more prominent substances. The former provides health-related benefits to the body and the latter has psycho-active effects (it makes you high). Marijuana does not affect all people the same and with some individuals it has no effect at all.

From a medical perspective, CBD has an anti- inflammatory impact on parts of the body, including joints, muscles and even the brain. It is used by many people who suffer from arthritis and also serves as a pain reliever. THC has proven to be helpful in assisting people with falling to sleep.

The professionals of The Highest Care meet with clients in their own homes and customize the form of cannabis delivered based on each individual’s need and preference. Options include edibles, balms and oils along with more common inhaling forms.

Because of the proximity of January 1st New Year’s Day celebrations, there will not be a breakfast in January. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Arnold Miller for Marvin Mandel, President