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Monthly Message from Men's Club President Marvin Mandel

There will not be a Breakfast Club event in January or the immediate future. We look forward to its return.

Last month I provided a transcript of my recent interview with Temple Judea. This month I will provide some highlights of my talk with the Temple Judea kitchen.


Me: Hi. How are you today?
Kitchen: Well… I’m both good and bad.

Me: That sounds like a very Jewish answer. Please tell me more.
Kitchen: Sure. You see, on the surface all seems great. My pots and pans sparkle. The refrigerator is spotless; and the stainless steel countertops shine so brightly that you can see a reflection of yourself just like looking in a mirror. If a health inspector came for a visit, I would get an A+ rating.

Me: That sounds wonderful. Why are you gloomy?
Kitchen: I AM LONELY!! Rebbetzin Sima does not visit me anymore and she used to be here almost every day. Just look inside the refrigerator. It is empty. Where are the delicacies that Sima would cook every week? There isn’t even any Kiddish wine. How about the tasty cookies and cake the Temple Judea bakers would make with such love and care – missing. Even the “homemade” lox spread for the Wednesday Breakfast Club is gone.

Me: I understand totally. Maybe I can cheer you up. Vaccines for Covid-19 are beginning to be administered. Hopefully the end of the pandemic is just around the corner and Temple Judea activity will quickly return.
Kitchen: That would be wonderful!

Me: It will be better than wonderful. I have a little secret to share with you. Sima and the Social Committee are planning to have a WELCOME BACK event to celebrate the Shul’s awakening and it will be HUGE with fantastic food all prepared right here.
Kitchen: I can’t wait and I promise that I will be ready. Thanks for the good news!

Arnold Miller for Marvin Mandel, President