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Monthly Message from Men's Clube President Marvin Mandel

Let The Good Times Roll…

The October Men’s Club/Sisterhood breakfast was a most educational event. There is a widely publicized dictum that Jews in Italy were well treated by Italians during World War ll. Shira Klein, assistant professor of history at Chapman University, our guest speaker, categorically disproved this canard. In fact, beginning in 1938 the Italian Government deprived Italian Jews of their rights and expelled them from schools and workplaces. After the Germans arrived in 1942, Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps, some by Italians, some by Germans, some by both working together.

A surprise speaker is scheduled for the November breakfast, and reflecting the Halloween tradition, we will keep you in suspense.

That being said, we are HIGHLY pleased to announce the speaker for the December 5th Men’s Club/Sisterhood breakfast. It is Nomi, the owner of “The Highest Care.” This organization is a leading provider of Medical Marijuana in South Orange County. Its professionals customize the form of cannabis delivered to each clients’ need and preference and include edibles and oils along with more common methods. Medical Marijuana will be available for cash purchase after the breakfast.

For November, the Sisterhood women will be preparing the food for this event. As such, this means a Healthy & Tasty menu including yogurt, toppings, muffins and croissants, coffee and tea.

Men’s Club/Sisterhood breakfasts begin the first Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. in our social hall. They provide a magnificent opportunity to be entertained, mingle with your friends, meet new people, and have a tasty, hand prepared meal and sometimes alternative surprise delights.

All this is yours for $5. Both women and men are cordially invited to attend.

We hope to see you there and bring a guest or two.

Arnold Miller for Marvin Mandel, President