Men's Club

Men’s Club, composed of the men at Temple Judea, extends a warm welcome to all of the community. Its members, being leaders in the Jewish community, value the meaning of “brotherhood,” accepting an obligation to serve the congregation as well as the community.

Men’s Club activities combine exciting sports events and casino visits with fundraising.

Its members assist the Sisterhood with any needs and together they provide the environment for the melding of men and women members into one Jewish family.

Events & Activities


May 2, 2018

10:00am – Men’s Club Breakfast Meeting
Bendat Social Hall. Prof. Jack Miles, 1996 Pulitzer Prize – Passover in Qur’an. Ladies & guests always welcome! Breakfast donation $5. Hard boiled eggs, cream cheese spread and bagels, Danish, coffee & tea.



Men’s Club Humor by Arnold Miller

MEN’S CLUB HUMOR by Arnold Miller

One day, Gussie approaches her Rabbi after the service and says to him,
“Rabbi, I have a problem. I have two female talking parrots, but they only know how to say one thing.”
“What do they say?” the Rabbi asks.
“They only know how to say, “Hello, we’re lonely, want to have some fun?'”
“That’s sad” the Rabbi says, “but I have a solution to your problem. Bring your female parrots to my house tomorrow and I will put them with my two male talking parrots that I taught to pray and read Hebrew. My parrots will teach your parrots other things to say and your female parrots will learn to praise and worship G-d.”
“Thank you very much. That is a wonderful idea Rabbi,” Gussie replies.
The next day Gussie brings her female parrots to the Rabbi’s house.
His two male parrots are wearing tiny yamulkes and praying in their cage.
Gussie puts her two female parrots in the cage with the male parrots and the female parrots say,
“Hello, we’re lonely, want to have some fun?”
One male parrot looks at the other male parrot and exclaims, “Put away the siddurs! Our prayers have been answered!”


Create a Booklet for Your Family

This is the response to an autobiographical booklet called “Experience is the Best Teacher”. The booklet was written by member, Rudy Schindler and is now in the library of the Temple.

Dear Grandpa,
Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday this year and every year. I also want to thank you for writing me your book about your life and your wisdom. I have gotten through most of it and I would love to talk to you about it when I see you on Thanksgiving. Also I will write you when I finish reading it to tell you what I think and ask you any questions I might have. I love reading about our family’s history. It makes me feel more connected to my roots. And reading about you being a young man has given me a good perspective on my life.
I love you, see you soon,
– Max

You may want to create a booklet of your own for your family and get the same kind of response from your grandchildren.

Men’s Club is planning to offer any member this opportunity. Paul Feigenbaum has come up with an unusually low cost for any member inclined. You may contact Paul Feigenbaum at 206-1666 for more details.

Our Daily Minyan

Perhaps the one activity at Temple Judea that never takes a vacation is the Minyan. Twice a week, the faithful gather in Smotrich Chapel to maintain the century-old tradition of public worship. More often than not, the core group is joined by those who, in grief, come to praise the Almighty by means of the Mourners Kaddish. Please consider joining us for morning services. Monday and Thursday at 8:30am.

Donate Your Old Car

As most of you know, the sale of cars donated to Temple Judea has been the source of much needed income to our Temple. I put out a request for help in this project and lo an behold, a member of our Men’s Club, Norman Kingston has volunteered to aid me in this endeavor. Thank you Norman! Norman can be reached either through the Temple office or at his home number 679-2216.

Gold for Temple Judea

Men’s Club will cash in your gold for the Temple and we’ll save you the effort to do so. Call Jack Berger 949.829.8270 to arrange it. A little or a lot – broken or not, it sure will help. Please look around in drawers or closets and cash it in for Temple Judea.

President's Message

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