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Monthly Message from Temple Co-Presidents Arnold Miller and Sandy Shapiro

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last month of our first year as Co-Presidents of our Temple Judea. Last month we were re-elected as your Co-Presidents. As we look forward to the coming year, we know that serving you is not something we can do alone. There are many people to recognize and thank for work they have done this past year.

We thank our fellow officers: Vice Presidents Bob Meyers z”l, Alan Rubinstein, Henry Moser, Ro Probolsky and Neil Kuritsky; Treasurer Brian Probolsky and Secretary Jean Selner. Bob z”l was chair of our Building and Maintenance Committee and a valuable advisor on our Board and is missed. We thank Ro for initiating our Outreach Committee to check in with our members who are ill. Neil has been working tirelessly on upgrading our security and has secured us a $100,000 grant to pay for these efforts. Brian works diligently on our Finances to maximize our earnings and manage our expenditures, as well as chairing our Finance Committee. Jean is an excellent and efficient keeper of our reports and records accurately all business conducted at our meetings.

We had big shoes to fill following our past Co- Presidents, Dolores Cohen z”l and Jean Janowsky who continued to serve as our advisors. Dolores z”l was also our Memorial Services chair and is greatly missed for her efforts on behalf of the Temple and her advice. Jean continues as our Social/Ways and Means Committee chair as well as Nominating Committee chair. As you can tell she continues to serve the Temple in an extraordinary manner. (On that note, please make your reservations for our annual Chanukah Party, December 29. Jean has arranged a delicious latke dinner and fabulous program for us; it will be awesome and not to be missed!) You may have noticed no mention of the Religious Committee and that is because we continue to serve as co-chairs of the Religious Committee.

We have some other committee chairpersons to thank for the work they do for our Temple. We thank Laura Lamden for all the publicity she sends to The Globe as our Publicity chair. We have seen some new faces as Temple as a result of her efforts. We thank Steve Schwartz (and his family), our Head Usher for the outstanding job he does during the High Holidays. Other chairs who work behind the scenes are Maggie Blackwell, By-Laws chair and Steve Chase our Legal chair.

We also want to thank our Board of Directors for their service and contributions on behalf of the Tem- ple: Michele Dorris, Eva Toczek, Lisse Wukelich, Richard Dorenstreich, Rita Frazer, Gayle Jacobson and Bernie Roberts. Their ideas and efforts are great- ly appreciated. We also thank Marvin Mandel, Men’s Club President, and Sandy Meyers, Sisterhood Presi- dent, for all their hard work. Thank you to our mem- bers who serve and work on Temple committees. We appreciate your involvement.

We also want to thank two people who took on huge tasks. Jacqueline Klein reorganized and beautified both our Library and Sisterhood Gift Shop. Meyer Gusik has worked diligently to catalogue all of our Temple assets.

We wouldn’t be Temple Judea without our clergy. Rabbi Dennis Linson is our religious and inspirational leader. He also does double duty as our Executive Director and works tirelessly for the Temple. We ap- preciate everything he does for us. We thank our Cantor, Josef Chazan, and our Cantorial Soloist, Su- san Kotses, for their beautiful chanting of our services and efforts on our behalf.

We have volunteer “staff” that we need to thank for all that they do. Neal Linson is our volunteer educa- tor with the goal of bringing students and their fami- lies into our Temple family. And what can we say about our Rebbetzen, Sima Linson?! She does it all! She runs our office, makes Shabbat and holiday lunches, plans our Seders and other events and does so much more. We hope you know how lucky we are to have her. We also want to thank Loretta, who greets all with a smile as she works in our office.

Thank you to all these people who work to make Temple Judea the best it can be. We do all this for you, our members, so we all have a religious home and family. We look forward to continuing our ef- forts in the coming year. We hope you will join us. We always welcome new volunteers and leaders.

With love,

Arnold Miller & Sandy Shapiro, Co-Presidents