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Monthly Message from Temple President Lorie Clayton

As we end fiscal year 2016-17 and begin fiscal year 2017-18, while serving as Co-President, I do so with a profound feeling of optimism for our Temple. Having experienced the overwhelming enthusiasm of our Congregants with our event for Rebbetzin Sima, we then enjoyed the beautiful observance of Shavuot. The Rabbi and Cantor performed a beautiful and meaningful service on both days, which were well attended. We enjoyed a delicious brunch after services, arranged with sincere thanks to Rebbetzin Sima Linson. Once again our social hall was bubbling with the warmth and friendship of our Temple Judea Family. For those who missed it, we hope you will join us in the future.

I see our future as bright because there is an unspoken bond among us that is held together with our positive attitude and determination to succeed. I offer kudos to our Membership committee, under the leadership of Michele Dorris. They have been making every effort to encourage families to join so their children can enjoy a wonderful school lead by our wonderful volunteer educator Neal Linson. Our Co-President, Jean Janowsky, is still leading the Social Committee. As Jean states – her committee continues to offer events, always with YOU IN MIND. The committee will be creating new plans for the upcoming fiscal year, starting July 1st. They are always looking for new ideas and new members to join the committee. Please volunteer. Your assistance will be welcomed. You are guaranteed to enjoy working with this group.

Tell your friends and neighbors about us. Encourage them to visit our beautiful building. We have Minyan on Monday and Thursday; plus Erev Shabbat and Shabbat services every week. Invite them to Services; to a Men’s Club or Sisterhood meeting or to an event we sponsor. Introduce them to our Temple. Have them meet our Temple Family; hear our Rabbi, our Cantors and our choir. We have so much to offer. A little advertising by word of mouth can go a long way. We are a very special group of people who happen to enjoy our Temple and its Congregants. I would say our camaraderie is priceless, though it certainly can be shared.

Please do not hesitate to call me or Jean, if we can be of service at any time. 949.855.0909

Respectfully submitted,
Dolores Cohen, Co-President