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Monthly Message from Temple Co-Presidents Arnold Miller and Sandy Shapiro

“Rochester, yeah boss” was one of the famous catch-phrases of Jewish comedienne Benjamin Kubelsky (Jack Benny). In February, the Temple Judea Breakfast Club (previously known as the Sisterhood/Men’s Club breakfast) showed the hilarious Best of Jack Benny video. The large crowd was thoroughly entertained and their laughter could be heard outside the building on Moulton Parkway. This was the first event in the “Temple Judea Comedy Tour” and similar activities will be forthcoming.

Speaking of Rochester, the snow-covered city in upstate New York, rather than Jack Benny’s sidekick, reminds us that Winter is still here. While we are fortunate to be living in Orange County and snow-free, temperatures are lower than most of us prefer and it gets dark early. As such, some of our members tend to stay at home and be isolated from the Community. In response, we have initiated the OUTREACH LIAISON program. Led by Ro Probolsky and Gayle Jacobson, we will reach out to shul members with a thoughtful word to let them know that “Temple Judea Cares.” If you are aware of a fellow member whose spirits are down or who unexpectedly has not been at the Temple, please contact the Temple Judea office and the outreach committee will follow up.

February was a Big Event month at Temple Judea. It featured both the celebration of Rabbi Linson’s bar mitzvah year with us and the Women’s Shabbat Service. The social hall was full to capacity to celebrate the Rabbi’s big day. Magnificently organized by Jean Janowsky and the Social Committee, and supported by the Temple Judea Bakers and the very busy bartenders (Michele Dorris, Lisse Wukelich and Steve Schwartz), the afternoon was memorable (and a fundraising success). Six days later, women ran the entire Saturday morning Shabbos Service. Under the instruction of Rebbetzin Sima, twenty women actively participated in the inspirational service. A delicious catered lunch topped off a delightful Shabbat. February also witnessed the “official” naming of new member Natasha Fhima. Natasha, mother of Temple Judea’s youngest member – 3-month old Andre, was called to the Torah at a Saturday morning service for an Aliyah where she flawlessly & beautifully chanted the blessings. Little Andre seemed to really enjoy the Shabbos Service as he gave big smiles and giggles to the congregants who visited.

Spring officially arrives in March. As temperatures warm and daylight gets longer, we hope to see you at “THE BEST FULL SERVICE SYNAGOGUE IN SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY” – and bring your friends!

Arnold Miller & Sandy Shapiro, Co-Presidents