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Monthly Message from Temple President Sandy Shapiro

As we celebrate the start of the secular new year, 2022, we also celebrate Tu’ BiShvat, the new year of the trees, and a new year of Temple leadership. Your new Officers and Board Members are being installed to move Temple Judea ahead in the new year.

I thank our outgoing Officers and Board Members for their years of outstanding work on behalf of our Temple. We remember Henry Moser z’’l who served on the Board for many years including a term as Vice President. He worked on and chaired our Building and Maintenance Committee and also was very thoughtful in offering opinions and ideas. In addition to his work on the Board, he was active in our Men’s Club and served as its Treasurer. His presence is missed. Jean Selner served as Secretary for many years and was very conscientious and thorough, making sure our minutes were an accurate record of our meetings and decisions. While still a Temple member, Jean has moved from California, is based in Texas while she also nomads around the country. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to working with Lisse Wukelich who has returned to the Secretary position. Lisse is also our Memorial Services Chair. Our last outgoing officer is Vice President Neil Kuritsky, who is our Security Chair and has done an enormous job of securing grants, determining what security upgrades are necessary and seeing that the work gets done. I thank each of them for their devotion and service to the Temple.

I am happy that the rest of our Officers and Board Members will be continuing in their roles. They have made valuable contributions and work to do what is best for our Temple. I have previously thanked our Treasurer, Brian Probolsky, for all his efforts to find ways to save money while increasing our income. Vice President, Arnold Miller, continues to serve as Religious Committee Co-Chair, always a busy job. Ro Probolsky initiated our Outreach Committee and continues to call our members in need, sharing making the calls with Laura Lamden. Laura also serves as our Publicity Chair. Sandy Meyers is our Social/Ways and Means Chair and is anxiously waiting to plan a wonderful program when we fully reopen. She is also Sisterhood President in partnership with Marvin Mandel, our Men’s Club President. Thanks again to Board Member Sandi Bothwick for spearheading our turf replacement project. Sandi also served on the Nominating Committee with Michele Dorris and Ro Probolsky. I thank them for their very hard work in completing the slate of incoming Officers and Board Members.

A committee that has worked very hard these last 7+ months is our Reopening Committee. They are Sandi Bothwick, Michele Dorris, Linda Greenberg, Laura Lamden, Sandy Meyers, Brian Probolsky, Dr. Herb Sier, Lisse Wukelich and Rabbi Linson. They have been very thoughtful as we worked together to safely begin to return to a more “normal” synagogue life.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our clergy, Rabbi Dennis Linson, Cantor Josef Chazan and Cantorial Soloist Susan Kotses for all they have done during this unusual time and for all they continue to do to ensure our strong religious life. Thanks to our Rebbetzin, Sima Linson, for our Shabbat lunches (which we welcome having again). She made a beautiful Chanukah lunch and celebration for our return to in-person services. Sima and Loretta have continued to man our office throughout the pandemic.

As we begin a new year, I look forward to working again with our returning Officers and Board Members. In addition to those I’ve already mentioned, Marcia Satz and Eva Toczek return to Board positions. Jean Janowsky continues to offer insight and wisdom as our Past President.
I look forward to welcoming our new Board Members, Marla Jacobs and Neal Linson. I know they will be assets to our Board.

I hope you will join us on Shabbat morning, January 15, when we will install our Officers and Board Members for 2022 at our Tu BiShvat Seder/Installation Luncheon. Our Tu BiShvat Seder is a wonderful tradition here at Temple Judea and is lovingly prepared by Sima, and is followed by a delicious lunch also prepared by Sima. I look forward to seeing you there as we install and welcome our incoming Officers and Board Members.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2022.

Best Always,
Sandy Shapiro, President