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Monthly Message from Temple President Sandy Shapiro

You may not realize how many people are working behind the scenes here at Temple Judea, all for the betterment of our Temple and to make it a home for us. Our Officers and Board members deserve recognition and thanks for their dedication and efforts. I want to recognize some of them this month, although they are only a few of the ones working so hard for all of us.

Brian Probolsky is our Treasurer extraordinaire. He has worked diligently to keep our costs down and any earnings possible up. He has worked out solutions for any financial decision that needed to be made. He is instrumental in crafting financial contracts necessary for our operations. He is truly an asset (pun intended) for our Temple.

Neil Kuritsky is one of our Vice Presidents and is our Security chair. He brings his expertise and connections to our efforts to upgrade the security of our building. On our behalf he applied for and we received a grant to enable us to realize our security upgrades. He is the point person for arranging all the necessary work and for working with our consultants on our security needs and wants. This has been a labor-intensive job for Neil and we thank him for all his hard work.

Jean Selner is our Recording Secretary. I especially appreciate her efforts because that is a job I never wanted to do. Jean keeps all the records of our meetings efficiently, thoroughly and accurately. She strives for perfection in her minutes and because of her effort we have an excellent record of all our Temple Board meeting business and decisions. In addition, Jean willingly volunteers to take on other tasks, such as making phone calls on behalf of the Temple, including working with Ro Probolsky on Outreach phone calls to keep in touch with all our members (as Rabbi Dennis noted in last month’s bulletin). I am thankful to have Jean as a working partner.

Obviously, these three are only some of the many people to thank for their love, devotion and efforts for our Temple. This month I highlighted their work. In the future I will recognize others who are also doing outstanding work for our Temple. As your President, I am grateful for their willingness to give so much help to Temple Judea and us. We will gladly welcome your help too. Just let us know if you want to volunteer!

Chag Shavuot Sameach, join us for brunch

Sandy Shapiro, President