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Monthly Message from Temple Co-Presidents Dolores Cohen and Jean Janowsky

If you missed the premiere Early Shabbat service and dinner on July 13th, I cannot rave enough about the spectacular evening that 40 of our members experienced. We had a one hour service at 5:30. The Rabbi and Susan did a great job; his sermon was a hit! We went into a beautifully appointed Social Hall for a special catered dinner, with colorful tables and flower arrangements by our Sima, of course. The warmth and friendship we all enjoyed with this change in schedule is one we are all looking forward to having again in the near future. Make certain you are included with the next scheduled early service & Shabbat dinner. You will be overjoyed with the change. A big thank you to our Religious Committee for the experiment and follow through.

It is hard to believe that our High Holy Days arrive September 1st this year with Selichot. Yes, the first night of Rosh Hashanah is Sunday, September 9th. As is our custom, we will be having a catered luncheon the first day of Rosh Hashanah in the Social Hall. Please check the bulletin carefully for all of the information so you can make your reservation early. This luncheon is always a sell out, so do not wait until the last minute. Do it now!

Please note that our Selichot Service is on Saturday night, September 1st. There will be a special recognition of all of the families who have graciously and generously “Adopted-A- Torah”, to make certain our Torah scrolls are in constant repair, and will keep them Kosher. Please join us for this wonderful evening of celebrating our Torahs. This is an ongoing project, to which all of us can participate with donations.

Jean and I want to thank all of you who have sent in your dues for the coming year, as well as our Benefactors and Patrons. With your generosity, we have met and exceeded our budget for the past two years. Keep in mind that our by-laws require dues be paid in full before the High Holy Days, unless you have arranged with the office for a payment schedule. The Religious Committee has sent surveys requesting which honors you would like to have during the services. Please send the survey back promptly. It is a big job getting everything in order so the services run smoothly.

We need you for our Monday and Thursday Minyans at 9:00 AM. Many of our members are present for their Life Cycle events, with the hopes that we can have Torah readings and say Kaddish. If you plan one day of the month to attend, you are providing a Mitzvah for all of our members and friends. Please do!

Looking forward to seeing you in Shul,

Respectfully submitted,
Dolores Cohen, Co-President