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Monthly Message from Temple President Sandy Shapiro

I’d like to recognize more of the people who are working so hard for our Temple. You may not always be aware of them and their efforts, but their contributions are invaluable.

Our Outreach Committee has gone above and beyond during the last year and a half. Established to reach out to members in need to let them know we are thinking of them as they go through a difficult time, during this pandemic the Committee expanded its mission by periodically calling all our members to let them know we are thinking of them, checking to see if anything is needed or just to chat for a while. These dedicated volunteers are Ro Probolsky, Jean Selner and Rita Frazer z’’l. I can’t thank them enough for their efforts. Thank you to Ro Probolsky for envisioning this important goal and initiating it. Since we will soon be returning to some normalcy, the Outreach callers will again contact only those in need.

If you live in Laguna Woods Village and read the Globe, you may notice our weekly contribution in the Club section of the newspaper. I thank Laura Lamden, our Publicity Chair, for all the articles and notices she writes and submits to the paper. Through these items we let our general community know about us and what we are doing. It is important to have our name “out there” and Laura accomplishes that so well.

Lisse Wukelich is our Memorial Services Chair. She is here for you should you need help with cemetery plots or memorial plaques. Our goal is to help you with remembering a loved one. Our other committee chairs and our Affiliate Presidents are looking forward to the near future when more of our activities will resume. Marvin Mandel, Men’s Club President, and Sandy Meyers, Sisterhood President, can’t wait until they are able to welcome you back to monthly breakfasts and programs. Sandy Meyers is also our Social Committee Chair and is getting ready to work on a Welcome Back program when we resume full in-person capability. Arnold Miller and Sandy Shapiro, Religious Committee Co-chairs, continue to work on religious related activities and programs and soon will begin preparing for the High Holidays. I also want to recognize Henry Moser z’’l for his service as our Building Committee Chair.

A committee working very hard right now is our Re-Opening Committee. These ten members have been considering everything we must do in order to return safely to in-person services and programming. They are Sandi Bothwick, Michele Dorris, Linda Greenberg, Laura Lamden, Sandy Meyers, Brian Probolsky, Dr. Herb Sier, Lisse Wukelich and Rabbi Dennis. We look forward to greeting you at Shabbat services on Saturday, July 24 at 10:00 am. More information will soon be forthcoming. We look forward to welcoming you back to our Temple home.

Speaking for our Temple membership, I am so grateful for the efforts of so many who are dedicated to our Temple and working hard to keep our Temple vibrant. You are always welcome to join in. “New blood” is always welcome. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sandy Shapiro, President