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Monthly Message from Temple Co-Presidents Dolores Cohen and Jean Janowsky

First, I must express my deepest thanks to YOU and YOU and YOU for your generous response to our Yom Kippur Appeal. You recognized our need and we are so grateful.

Our Temple Judea family is the backbone of our existence, without which we could not exist. Each of you has made it possible for our yearly budget to continue on track. As your Co-President, I speak for myself and for Dolores, for our Clergy, as well as for our officers and board of directors in expressing our sincerest appreciation for your continued support.

We do have one specific goal in which each of you can assist, which has no money involved – and that is MEMBERSHIP GROWTH. Our membership committee, under the excellent direction of Michele Dorris continues to work and plan tirelessly to promote our Temple and enroll new members. They have had success, but they want more.

We have a good thing going here at Temple Judea. Our dues are, by far the lowest full-service synagogue in Orange County. We provide so much including Free Hebrew School. Our Temple offers Champagne on a Beer budget. So talk us up with your friends, family and neighbors.

Invite someone to join you at a Friday night and/or a Saturday morning service. Become someone who shares our high-end product, Temple Judea, with family, friends and neighbors. Growth is our goal – please make it yours and watch us succeed.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Janowsky Co-President