Membership : : Outreach Liaison

by Ro Probolsky & Rita Frazer

At this time of staying at home, Rita and I have been doing our best to call and check-in on the members of our community. We like to hear your voices and hope that we are a welcome interruption in your day. If you need anything, please call and let us know if we can help arrange it.

Hearing your ‘smiling’ voices gives us a lift as well. How much TV can we watch? When we know the TV ads and commercials by heart and can sing the advertising melodies then we know it’s too much screen time. So it’s good talking with you. Stay safe and healthy.

Please call the Temple office with information: name and phone number of the person to be contacted and please give us your name as well. We feel that this is our spiritual home and the spiritual health of all our members matters to us. We welcome your help. Please let us know if you would volunteer to help with phone calls.

Ro Probolsky & Rita Frazer