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Well, the critics have spoken and the good news is that our KOMEDY + KLEZMER event definitely equaled the BEST SHOW IN TOWN! If you were part of the audience on Feb. 12th then you were one of the many who enjoyed that very special evening. We laughed at Cathy Ladmanís talented sense of humor and we clapped and moved in our seats with the music of the MOSTLY KOSHER Klezmer band. And thatís just the good news. The best news is that this delightful evening of entertainment proved to be a very successful fund raiser for Temple Judea. So if you were there, we thank you for coming and supporting your Temple.

A special note of thanks to our Temple members who served as ushers that evening: Karen Pozzi, Lisse Wukelich, Roni Cantor & Dolores Cohen. Laura Lamden, serving as our new Publicity Chairperson for Temple Judea did an outstanding job in promoting our event through the Laguna Woods Globe. Our Rebbetzen, Sima Linson, handled the tickets sold from the Temple with her usual efficiency. Sima is a constant asset to our committee and to our Temple Judea Family. I also extend my sincerest appreciation to my co-chairperson, Dolores Cohen. She was at my side from day one in planning and executing this event to its ultimate success. I am, once again, proud to say that our Social Committee deserves your round of applause for their continued efforts and their dedication in serving Temple Judea.

In closing, I do have a public apology to make. In last monthís edition of our bulletin I thanked each member of the committee by name and inadvertently omitted one person who has served on this committee from day one. Audrey Smallís name was carelessly omitted by me for which I humbly apologize. She is a dedicated and active member of the Social Committee serving for many years. I, thankfully, look forward to her continued participation.

Serving you with pleasure, Jean Janowsky, Chair