Calendar : : Social Committe Report

Well, we did it again – another great program at Temple Judea on a Sunday afternoon. On Aug. 20th Dr. Beth Cohen returned to present her talk on ìPOST ELECTION STRESS.î We had a great crowd all of whom responded to her non-partisan presentation with enthusiasm. Beth is a marvelous speaker who is able to address her clinical and neuroscience information to us in a manner that we clearly understand. How fortunate we are that she so graciously spent her Sunday with us sharing her clinical knowledge on such a timely topic. Dolores Cohen can certainly be proud of her lovely and talented daughter.

Our Temple Bakers, once again, showered us with their culinary goodies, which our audience enjoyed and devoured during our social hour. A great big THANK YOU to our baking team: Dolores Cohen, Lorie Clayton, Michele Dorris, Jean Janowsky, Sima Linson, Karen Pozzi, and Sandy Meyers. In addition to these women, the balance of our Social Committee coordinated this very successful event. Our appreciation to: Anne Altman, Connie Miller, Al & Gail Pappish, Audrey Small, Sy & Miriam Wellikson, and kudos to our Temple Publicity Chairperson, Laura Lamden.

Next on our drawing board will be our annual Chanukah event. Please save: Sunday, Dec. 17th and mark your calendars. Watch for further information, which we will announce just as soon as our plans are complete. Meanwhile, we remind you that we plan all our events with YOU in mind. All we ask is your presence.

Serving you with pleasure, Jean Janowsky, chairperson